Café Villa Saaro

Villa Saaro, an old building of cultural and historical value owned by City of Turku. Even Presidents Mannerheim and Svinhufvud have enjoyed the delights of Villa Saaro on a beautiful summer day.

Villa Saaro is a wooden villa with two parts in New-classical style. The western part made of stone was built in 1850 for a merchant C.A.Wendelin.

In 1887, when the villa was owned by Captain C.Olson, a beautiful glass walled veranda with fretsaw decorations was built on the south-western side.

Henning von Rettig, a factory owner, had an annex built ontot he stone villa in 1911.

Villa Saaro was bought by the City of Turku in 1957. Since 1958, it has served as a summer café.

Villa Saaro now serves as a café-restaurant. Fully licensed.

Open daily from May 1st to August31.

Villa Saaro is located by the sea on the island of Ruissalo. Bus line 8  from city center.